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WriteRight offers Tutoring for ALL ages:

Our goal at WriteRight is to help your child maximize potential and do well in all aspects of academics. We take a consolidated, yet grade level appropriate approach, to work on your child’s reading comprehension,  essay  writing, and vocabulary skills in every class.  In this age of instantaneous communication with only a few words, it becomes even more imperative than ever before that our children be equipped with the proper tools allowing them to communicate with a fluency of language and writing.

Programs for students Grades 2-12 encompass:

  • Vocabulary comprehension and implementation via various strategies
  • Reading comprehension projects and techniques
  • Classical and age-appropriate literature study
  • Nuances and intricacies of writing well
  • Hands on grammar instruction
  • Preparation for all standardized assessments, final exams, benchmarks – culminating with the SAT


Special Programs

PSAT – grades 9-10

  • preparation for Critical Reading, and Writing sections of the test.
  • essay writing skills & practice for the SAT
  • vocabulary immersion
  • 1 year long course
  • Perfect stepping stone for the SAT course

Duke TIP – grades 7-8

  • Preparation for Critical Reading, Writing and Essay sections of the SAT
  • SAT Techniques formulated for middle school student success
  • Small class sizes with only 7th and 8th graders
  • High scores qualify for honors/AP classes in high school
  • Classes run June-January

5th and 8th grade Writing Assessment

  • Preparation for spring semester assessments
  • 95% of the students score in the 97th percentile
  • Strong sentence and paragraph structure instruction
  • Incorporation of figurative language and varied vocabulary in writing
  • Target audiences with effective thesis, dynamic ideas, and compelling writing

Summer Creative Writing Camps

  • imagination and creativity soar
  • reading comprehension / writing
  • catch up / get ahead for the next school year


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